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About the Downtown Indy, Inc. Blog

We have our finger on the pulse of Downtown Indy; this is our outlet to keep you in the know. We are the official Downtown Indy blog: your go-to guide for all events, living, retail and business happening Downtown. Bookmark us and check back often.


Beautify Downtown

Maintaining a clean and green Downtown is our passion. Find out about Downtown’s beautiful public spaces, green planters and gardens, volunteer cleaning and planting opportunities and more.
Posts by Anne Maschmeyer


Business Update

Downtown Indy wants to help you make the most of upcoming business opportunities. Find out about upcoming events with large crowds, opportunities to collaborate with other businesses and more.
Posts by Sherry Seiwert and Bob Schultz


Downtown Beat

Maintaining a safe Downtown experience is important to us. Read safety tips, hear stories from the Downtown Safety team and remain aware about challenges that face Downtown.
Posts by Bettye Dobkins


Downtown Vibe

Experience Downtown to the fullest, Downtown Vibe keeps you in the know about all the latest events and things to do in the Circle City.
Posts by Amanda Dorman and Jennifer Hanson


Live Downtown

Make yourself at home. Downtown is a vibrant collection of multi-dimensional work, live and play neighborhoods. Read the latest about historic buildings, unique architecture and authentically urban, yet very Indiana, living experiences.
Posts By Catherine Esselman


Real Estate Report

Downtown Indy encourages innovation and fosters entrepreneurial business, retail and restaurants. See who moved in, who’s moving out or find unique available space for your business in Downtown Indy.
Posts by Catherine Esselman